Watch the Story of the First Michelin-Starred Street Food

The Michelin Star Guide is without question the definitive bible of all things foodie. It has been cranking out yearly updates to its ever-expanding list of restaurant musts for over a century now, constantly on the prowl for the next great dish. This year however, the guide made a landmark entry with the inclusion of Singapore’s Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle, the first-ever street food hawker to get a star rating.

This unorthodox food milestone is documented in the above video created by Michelin Guide Singapore, which follows the chef responsible for the food-joint, Chan Hon Meng, on his journey from his tiny kitchen to the Michelin Guide Singapore Gala Dinner’s award ceremony. Meng has been involved with the food industry for his entire adult life, first getting into the family business at the age of 15. And after a life hawking street food, Meng may have been more surprised than anyone upon being approached by Michelin for such an honor.

Although it’s got the words “Hong Kong” in its name, the stall itself is actually located in Singapore. Find the address below and make sure to drop by should you find yourself in the Lion City.