Bakfickan Djuret Gamla Stan

January 27, 2016

Djuret and the food

At Djuret every menu is dedicated to one animal at a time. We are a dedicated meat restaurant where we work with meat in a manner that we find the absolute most durable. Some of these animals are bred by us, some are bred by near, organic farmers and many are game which are hunted with the utmost respect. In addition to this we also grow biodynamic vegetables and refine a lot of meat in our charcuterie. The current animal always come in the form of two menus: Lilla Djuret with four courses as well as the longer Stora Djuret where we use all the presently available cuts. To visit us should be associated with extreme comfort, therefore we have only one seating per evening on Djuret. In other words: No stress. Very Welcome!



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Bakfickan Djuret
Lilla Nygatan 5
111 28 Gamla Stan Stockholm
To book a table: 08 - 506 400 84
We start answering the phone Monday-Saturday from the very latest 14.00.
We welcome parties up to 20 persons and we have several private rooms for you who want to enjoy your animal a bit more private. Because we want a visit at our restaurant to be as utterly comfortable as possible we only do one seating per night. In other words: No stress! Very welcome!

The private rooms fits 20 persons. There is no additional charge or rent for the private rooms. Our tables is also available via our online booking but some of the tables are only bookable via phone.
Djuret is open Monday- Saturday 17.30-23.00 but also for Friday lunch, when the season allows, from 12.00.

In our food bar we serve an à la carte menu based on the current dining room menu. Here you can drop in when you want and choose one or more courses for around 100 crowns each.

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